• Arm and Vodafone Commit to Work Together to Simplify Internet of Things (IoT) Deployment

    Agreement combines iSIM, IoT software and network services to dramatically reduce complexity and enable fully open, remote provisioning of IoT devices. Arm and Vodafone today announced a strategic agreement that will significantly reduce complexity and costs faced by organisations when implementing IoT solutions. Expanding on the companies’ previo

    02/24/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Fibocom Launches Intel® Powered Global 5G Module

    FIBOCOM Wireless unveils Intel powered 5G module for the global vertical markets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. FG100, the first of Fibocom’s 5G family modules, with Intel® XMM™ 8160 5G modem, offers a “One World One SKU” solution to enable 5G globally with a standardized M.2 form factor. FG100 is a multi-mode …

    02/24/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Global Certification Forum announces 23% year-on-year increase in cellular device certifications

    Record number of devices in the GCF 2018 certification programme. Manufacturers increasing complexity of devices, with ‘average device’ now incorporating 17.3 bands and 2.6 bearer technologies Increase dominated by IoT modules 5G certifications began January 2019 – but GCF forecasts certifications to be low in number during 2019; and no mmWave d

    02/23/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Orange and NTT sign strategic R&D partnership on 5G, AI and IoT

    Orange and NTT today signed a strategic Research and Development (R&D) framework agreement up to 2022 to mutualise research findings in several key domains including 5G, network transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, cloud services, smart cities, sports, tourism and culture. Both organisations believe

    02/23/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • LoRa Alliance™ Ecosystem Highlights Vast Year on Year Growth in LoRaWAN™ Deployments at MWC 2019

    The LoRa Alliance™ today previewed its activities at the upcoming Mobile World Congress Barcelona event taking place February 25-28, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. The LoRa Alliance’s presence will showcase the breadth of LoRaWAN™ network coverage, certified devices and massive number of member deployments. CEO and Chairwoman Donna Moore will present

    02/21/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • AT&T, OneLife Technologies Announce the First LTE-M Certified Medical and Health Data Wearable

    A Comprehensive Smartwatch Health Solution for the Chronically Ill and Elderly. OneLife Technologies Corp., a mobile medical software/data collection company, offers the first AT&T LTE-M certified medical wearable. The OnePulse smartwatch goes beyond tracking steps. It provides activity trackers, reminders, and alert technologies. Powered by AT&T w

    02/21/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • EMnify and 1NCE Disrupt the Global IoT Connectivity Market

    EMnify’s cloud-native mobile core supports 1NCE, the world’s first IoT carrier offering a flat rate for low bandwidth IoT applications. 1NCE has announced in February that it has sold more than one million SIM cards since its market launch 5 months ago. One element that makes 1NCE’s go-to-market strategy viable and successful is the cooperation

    02/21/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • NimbeLink and Polte Team Up on Location Technologies for IoT Asset Tracking

    Collaboration enhances 4G & 5G connectivity for AT series asset trackers from NimbeLink. Polte Corporation, the leader in advanced Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) solutions, and NimbeLink, a leading provider of cellular IoT solutions and services, today announced a new initiative to embed Polte’s location software on NimbeLink’s AT2 and AT4

    02/21/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Too Many IoT Connectivity Protocols? Haltian’s IoT Protocol Comparison Table Makes Choosing Easier

    IoT Protocols Comparison There is no one-size-fits-all connectivity technology that can provide an optimal solution for all IoT applications. It is a question of selecting the best-suited option for each use-case at hand. The here-below comparison tables have been created by Haltian. Features LTE Cat 1 LTE Cat M1 EC-GSM-IoT NB-IoT Channel Bandwidth

    02/20/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Sigfox 0G Network on Track to Establishing a Standard

    The Sigfox network is available in 60 countries, covering all of Europe, and 1 billion people worldwide The planet is set to be fully covered starting with satellite launch this year Sigfox protocol becomes public 2018 was marked by strong growth for Sigfox, the first global 0G network, confirming its leadership in small data collection. …

    02/19/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Focusing on IoT Security

    2019 Trends in Internet of Things – final The practice of securing technology has become more difficult as new trends have entered the landscape. With cloud computing, companies had to secure resources outside their perimeter. With mobile devices, companies had to ensure that data could be secured wherever it traveled. With IoT, companies face a

    02/19/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • New LTE-M Module for Orange’s Live Booster Program is Powered by Sequans Monarch Technology

    Pre-packaged with Orange connectivity, new module simplifies IoT device deployment. Sequans Communications announced the availability of a new module compatible with Orange networks and based on Sequans’ Monarch. The module is being offered as part of the Orange Live Booster Program that delivers a range of modules pre-packaged with Orange cellula

    02/19/2019 | Source: IoT Business News

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