• IoT + 5G + AI + 8K: New Era of Video Innovation

    IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), 8K video, and other digital technologies are becoming prominent research fields, and they present a new frontier of competition for ICT vendors. With the imminent arrival of the 5G standard, the potential of these revolutionary technologies will be realized at an exponential speed.

    03/05/2018 | Source: Advantech
  • Hot Runner Monitoring in Injection Molding Improves Product Quality

    Injection molding of plastic products is a large and complicated process involving dynamic temperatures and flow controls. Typically,thermoplastic molding material is melted in a heating cylinder and injected into molds via a hot runner system. Machine control programs orchestrate a symphony of valve openings and closings...

    09/05/2017 | Source: Advantech

  • DSD-5028N-70A1E

    28" Stretched Digital Signage Display

    $ 1,030
  • DS-980-9S51

    Six-display True 4K/UHD digital signage media player with Intel® Core i3/5/7 CPU.

    $ 1,000