• Siemens Strengthens its IoT Operating System through Technology Partnership whith Software AG

    <p>Software AG and Siemens AG today announced a partnership to strengthen the presence of the cloud-based open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system MindSphere across industries. MindSphere supports industrial companies in their digital transformation and offers a development platform to a broad customer base where companies can integrate their

    11/23/2017 | Source: IoT Business News
  • WISeKey partners with HopeRun to launch WisekeyIoT platform on the Chinese IoT Market

    <p>WISeKey, a leading cybersecurity and IoT company, today announced its partnership with Jiangsu HopeRun Software Co., ltd. to provide secure IoT solutions to the Chinese market by combing WISeKey&#8217;s IoT Security framework WISeKeyIoT with HopeRun&#8217;s embedded products, services and solutions. Benoit Makowka, Vice President of the IoT busi

    11/22/2017 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Carnegie Mellon Builds an Open IoT Network and Participates in LoRaWAN Academy

    The free OpenChirp, developed on LoRa Technology and LoRaWAN network, is available for students and scientists to develop groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The LoRaWAN Academy, a comprehensive university program connecting next-generation engineers with LoRaWAN&trade;-based low power wide area network technology for applied learnin

    11/17/2017 | Source: IoT Business News
  • [IoT in 3 mins] Software Platforms Implementing IoT Applications

    The WISE-PaaS Marketplace is an online software store that features Advantech’s exclusive software services, diverse IoT cloud services, IoT security services, WISE-PaaS IoT software services, and solution packages pre-packaged into Advantech Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS).

    08/04/2017 | Source: Advantech
  • Advantech Edge Intelligence Server Accelerates IoT Implementation

    Global intelligent systems leader Advantech has introduced the concept of edge computing to its IoT (Internet of Things) solutions by offering an Edge Intelligence Server (EIS). The server’s built-in middleware performs preliminary computing to filter and compress data for cloud-based computing.

    08/04/2017 | Source: Digitimes
  • McAfee Labs Report Highlights Critical Challenges to Threat Intelligent Sharing

    McAfee Catalogs 176 New Cyber Threats Every Minute, Almost Three Every Second; Ransomware Grows 88%, Mobile Malware Grows 99% in 2016 NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Threat intelligence sharing undermined by data volume, validation, quality, speed and correlation challenges McAfee Labs detected 176 new cyber-threats every minute, almost three every second in Q4

    07/12/2017 | Source: McAfee
  • Sigfox and Alizent partner to offer Industrial Internet of Things services worldwide

    Sigfox, the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a global partnership with Alizent, the Asset Interactive Company, representing another step forward in maximizing the benefits of IoT on industries across all sectors.

    07/12/2017 | Source: sigfox
  • Advantech Launches AIMB-242 Mini-ITX Featuring High Computing and Graphic Performance

    Advantech, a leading embedded computing solution provider, today announced the release of its new high-end industrial Mini-ITX motherboard line. AIMB-242 is based on the Intel® QM170/CM236 chipset and the latest 6th generation Intel® Core™ I & Xeon E3 processors, supporting non-ECC & ECC memory capacities (only for WG2 sku) up to 32GB.

    07/12/2017 | Source: Advantech
  • Advantech WISE-PaaS Marketplace Cooperates with ARM, Microsoft, McAfee, and Acronis to Enable IoT Edge Intelligence

    Advantech (Taipei:2395) today announced that it is collaborating with ARM, Microsoft, McAfee and Acronis on a new sharing platform–WISE-PaaS Marketplace–to be unveiled at Embedded World 2017.

    07/12/2017 | Source: Advantech
  • Advantech Next-Gen IoT Gateway Platforms Now Support Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux

    Pulsar Linux is small, high- performance, commercial-grade Linux distribution aimed at accelerating embedded and IoT development projects and includes a comprehensive range of security fixes.

    07/12/2017 | Source: Advantech
  • Intel and Honeywell Collaborate to Make the Shipping and Logistics Industry Smarter

    The platform gives companies unprecedented levels of insight into the status of assets during their journey through the supply chain, allowing them to make intelligent, real-time decisions that can minimize loss or spoilage of freight, maximize asset utilization, and optimize end-to-end supply chain operations

    07/12/2017 | Source: Intel