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  • [IoT in 3 mins] Software Platforms Implementing IoT Applications

    The WISE-PaaS Marketplace is an online software store that features Advantech’s exclusive software services, diverse IoT cloud services, IoT security services, WISE-PaaS IoT software services, and solution packages pre-packaged into Advantech Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS).

    08/04/2017 | Source: Advantech
  • Advantech Edge Intelligence Server Accelerates IoT Implementation

    Global intelligent systems leader Advantech has introduced the concept of edge computing to its IoT (Internet of Things) solutions by offering an Edge Intelligence Server (EIS). The server’s built-in middleware performs preliminary computing to filter and compress data for cloud-based computing.

    08/04/2017 | Source: Digitimes

  • PCM-9375E-J0A1E

    3.5” Embedded Single Board Computer AMD® G LX800, LVDS, 4COM, 4USB, 2LAN, RoHS

    $ 265
  • IDK-065R-64VGA1

    6.5” 640X480 LVDS 640nits with 4-wire Resistive Touch Display Kit

    $ 145