• Libelium Releases “The Hive” to Connect Any IoT Device with the Main Worldwide Cloud Platforms

    Libelium presents a new cloud connectivity service: the Hive. This new service is framed on Libelium’s strategy to offer higher value-added services to the entire chain of IoT key players. Libelium Cloud Hive allows users to send information from any IoT device to the main worldwide cloud platforms simultaneously and without having to implement ea

    12/05/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • 1.7 million fleet management units will be in service in Australia and New Zealand by 2022

    The number of active fleet management systems deployed in commercial vehicle fleets in Australia and New Zealand was almost 0.8 million in Q4-2017 according to a new research report from Berg Insight. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.4 percent, this number is expected to reach nearly 1.7 million by 2022. A …

    12/05/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Trend Micro Research Uncovers Major Flaws in Leading IoT Protocols

    Trend Micro Incorporated, today warned organizations to revisit their operational technology (OT) security after finding major design flaws and vulnerable implementations related to two popular machine-to-machine (M2M) protocols, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). Trend Micro’s new report, co-br

    12/05/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Internet of Things Set to Become a Game-Changer for the Healthcare Industry

    An article by Marc, Editor at IoT Business News. Among the many technological developments of recent years, the Internet of Things stands out as one of the most promising. The potential of interconnected smart devices to implement tasks without human intervention has already proven its benefits in many industrial sectors but it is now about …

    12/05/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Semtech’s LoRa Technology Creates Smarter Farming Networks in Australia

    This extension of LoRaWAN-based network coverage adds three million hectares to NNNCo’s publicly available smart agriculture network. Semtech Corporation announced that the National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo), an Australian carrier, is deploying a publicly available network based on the LoRaWAN™ protocol that will leverage Semtech’s LoRa® de

    12/04/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Astrocast Launches First Test Satellite of IoT CubeSat Network

    Low Cost, Low latency Two-Way Network Disrupts IoT Satellite Market. Today, Astrocast announced the successful launch of its first test satellite for the Astrocast, low Earth orbit, Internet of Things (IoT) CubeSat network from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Using L-Band frequencies, Astrocast’s small form factor modules, powerful antennas, and optimi

    12/04/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Private LTE Market to be Valued $11bn by 2024

    The global private LTE market is expected to grow from its current value of USD 1800 million to over USD 11 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. The market growth is attributed to the massive surge in connected devices that generate the need for secure and reliable …

    12/04/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • The bikesharing fleet reached 24.4 million vehicles worldwide in 2017

    According to a new market research report from IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, the number of deployed vehicles in bikesharing schemes worldwide is forecasted to grow from 24.4 million in 2017 to reach 36.9 million in 2023. Bikesharing is a decentralised bicycle rental service, usually focusing on short term rentals that supplements other modes of …

    12/04/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Nokia’s report warns on the threat of malicious software targeting IoT devices

    IoT botnet activity represented 78% of malware detection events in communication service provider networks in 2018, more than double the rate seen in 2016, when IoT bot activity was first seen in meaningful numbers. IoT bots now make up 16% of infected devices in CSP networks, up significantly from 3.5% a year ago. Malware threats …

    12/04/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Nordex Group Adopts Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT to Manage Clean-Energy Wind Farms

    Software AG today announced the selection of its Cumulocity IoT platform by The Nordex Group, a global manufacturer of innovative onshore wind turbines. The Nordex Group manages clean-energy wind farms based on sensor data. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the company plans to connect and monitor its 6,800 existing wind turbines using Cumulocity

    12/03/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Telenor: 7 tech trends that will shape 2019

    Seven technology trends stand to reshape how we consume, how we connect and even how we perceive the world around us in 2019, says Telenor Research. After a breakneck year of tech world advancements, setbacks and successes, Telenor Group’s research arm, Telenor Research, identifies seven tech trends to study up on for 2019. While there …

    12/02/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • New Verizon Developer Toolkit Makes IoT Projects Easy for Amazon Web Services Users

    New DevKit Leverages Verizon’s ThingSpace Platform for Secure Connectivity and Swift Deployment. Verizon today announced a new Internet of Things (IoT) development toolkit using Verizon’s ThingSpace platform and powered by Amazon FreeRTOS. Verizon’s ThingSpace platform is designed to make it easier for developers, OEM manufacturers, and System I

    11/29/2018 | Source: IoT Business News

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