• Semtech and Lacuna Receiving Messages from Space

    Lacuna Space extends LoRaWAN network global coverage with satellite connectivity. Semtech Corporation and Lacuna Space announced its collaboration with key industry leaders, including the European Space Agency (ESA) and Parametric GmbH, to extend a LoRaWAN™ network by providing satellite connectivity to fill voids between the terrestrial gateways

    02/14/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Sigfox Presents 2017 Results and 2018 Roadmap

    The Sigfox network now reaches over 803 million people worldwide and continues to grow by 30 million each month. 6 million objects will be connected to the Sigfox network by the end of the year. Today, Sigfox unveiled its 2017 results and its ambitions for the year ahead. A closer look at 2017 2017 was …

    02/14/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Qualcomm Announces a New LTE IoT SDK in Support of the Commercialization of IoT Solutions Using Cellular Connectivity

    Designed to Allow Manufacturers to Utilize the Processing Capabilities of the Qualcomm MDM9206 LTE IoT Global Multimode Modem to Develop Cost-effective, Power-efficient IoT Solutions. Qualcomm Technologies, today announced a new LTE IoT Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Qualcomm® MDM9206 LTE IoT global multimode modem. This new LTE IoT SDK is

    02/14/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Qualcomm Technologies Announces the Introduction of Qualcomm Wireless Edge Services

    Introduces Chipset as a Service model designed to facilitate mass scale and trusted device provisioning, security and lifecycle management. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., today announced Qualcomm® wireless edge services a set of trusted software services designed to meet the requirements of new Enterprise and Industrial IoT customers to securely pro

    02/13/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Why 2018 is the year of AI

    Exclusive guest post by Thomas Rockmann, VP Connected Home at Deutsche Telekom. We’ve been promised so much over the years, but now AI is ready to deliver. From connected cars and smart homes, through to improved ambient assisted living (AAL), AI is the common thread that unites them all. This is the year of AI …

    02/13/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Oracle IoT Cloud for Industry 4.0 Helps Organizations Make Process Improvements for More Intelligent Supply Chains

    New Augmented Reality, Machine Vision, Digital Twin and Automated Data Science capabilities enhance production, logistics, warehousing and maintenance. Empowering modern businesses to improve production intelligence and market responsiveness, Oracle today unveiled new Industry 4.0 capabilities for Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud. The advanced

    02/13/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Sigfox Expands Its Global Network to 45 Countries

    Today Sigfox announced that 5 new countries have joined its global network, bringing the total number of countries in the network to 45. The network currently serves around 803M people and covers 3.8M km2. With these latest additions, Sigfox is on track to achieve its aim of extending the network across 60 countries and regions …

    02/12/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Remo Wireless Selects CLOE IoT Platform from Sequans and STMicroelectronics to Design IoT Tracker Devices

    Sequans Communications S.A. and STMicroelectronics announced that Remo Wireless, a China-based maker of IoT devices and integrated solutions, has selected Sequans’ and ST’s CLOE IoT tracker platform to design into a variety of IoT tracker products for customers in North America, Japan, and China. CLOE — connecting and locating objects everywhere

    02/12/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • IDEMIA and Arkessa Partner on eUICC to Drive Growth in Industrial and Enterprise IoT

    IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity for an increasingly digital world, and Arkessa, a leading M2M/IoT connectivity service provider, have today announced the extension of their partnership to deliver eUICC and Subscription Management services to global Enterprise and Industrial IoT customers. Arkessa’s connectivity management services

    02/12/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and 18 Others Compared in MachNation’s Newest IoT Platform ScoreCard

    MachNation announces the availability of its IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) ScoreCard for 2018, an in-depth rating of 21 Internet of Things (IoT) platform vendors. According to MachNation forecast data, IoT platform revenue will grow 89% in 2018. MachNation forecasts that 2018 IoT platform revenue will reach USD3.3 billion with increased

    02/12/2018 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Altair Selects Rohde & Schwarz as Strategic Test Equipment Partner for New IoT Chipsets

    World’s Smallest Modules Featuring Altair’s ALT1250 CAT-M1/NB1 Chipset will be Demonstrated at Mobile World Congress. Altair Semiconductor today announced that it has selected Rohde & Schwarz as its strategic partner for test equipment for its dual-mode CAT-M1/NB1 IOT chipset ALT1250 as well as next-generation IOT chipsets. This test equipment wi

    02/11/2018 | Source: IoT Business News