• 1NCE: More than 1 million SIM cards sold in first five months of operation

    The Cologne-based IoT Carrier 1NCE GmbH has sold more than one million SIM cards since market launch 5 months ago. The secret behind the success: by offering an IoT flat rate, the technology company offers mobile communication between devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) at a much-needed affordable price point in comparison to most …

    02/11/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Smart Thermostats Set to Grow by 29.5% CAGR in 2018-2024

    An article by Marc, Editor at IoT Business News. Smart technology is becoming increasing popular across the globe and the majority of homes in Europe and the United States are predicted to have a smart thermostat by the year 2024. Zion Market Research recently released a report detailing an estimated increase in the value of …

    02/07/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • nuSIM: Deutsche Telekom leads development of integrated SIM for IoT

    Significant cost, time and space savings along the IoT value chain Industry-leading chipset, module and digital security partners on board Commercially available in the second half of 2019 Deutsche Telekom continues to innovate its European and US IoT service offering. The company has brought industry-leading partners together to develop nuSIM, a g

    02/06/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Microchip and The Things Industries announce industry’s first end-to-end security solution for LoRaWAN devices

    CryptoAuthentication™ device and managed LoRa join servers enable developers to deploy secure connected applications on LoRaWAN™ networks. As the LoRa® (Long Range) technology ecosystem accelerates, security remains an area for improvement in the market due to vulnerabilities that leave the network and application server keys accessible in the m

    02/06/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • World’s Largest Utility Deploys RealWear Voice-Controlled Hands-Free Wearable Computer

    China’s State Grid boosts worker safety compliance and productivity for high-voltage live-line maintenance using state-of-the-art RealWear HMT-1 Android head-mounted hands-free wearable computer. RealWear, Inc. today announced that State Grid, the world’s largest utility, selected RealWear as its supplier of hands-free computers for its line work

    02/05/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • IoT Analytics Market is expected to exhibit an ever-growing 16.2% CAGR by 2017-2025

    Internet of things (IoT) analytics helps user by auto-generating operative and functional data with generation of intelligent analytics. Owing to its benefits including better efficiency, reduced operational costs and infrastructural optimization these technologies witnessing increased adoption of IoT based technologies. Rapid growth in IoT adoptio

    02/03/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Device Authority and nCipher Security announce success in delivering trust for medical IoT

    Securing a medical device manufacturer surgical robot systems. Device Authority, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain, today announces its partnership and joint customer success with nCipher Security, the provider of trust, integrity and control for business critical information and

    02/01/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Semtech Announces Open-Source Software for LoRa-based Gateways

    New packet-forwarder protocol designed by Semtech allows secure, resource-efficient data communication and remote management across the LoRaWAN-based ecosystem. Semtech Corporation today announced a new open-source packet forwarder for Linux-based gateways that allows secure, resource-efficient data communication and remote management, critical fea

    01/30/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Comarch Supports Creation of the IoT Ecosystem for Japanese Enterprises on Behalf of SCSK

    The SCSK Corporation, one of the largest system integrators in Japan, has chosen Comarch as a partner to enrich its portfolio with IoT device management and monetization capabilities. Comarch will deliver elements of its IoT ecosystem offer, and related solutions, in order to accelerate SCSK’s Internet of Things’ business in Japan. SCSK insisted

    01/30/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Ericsson Lays Out Vision for Cellular IoT With New Segments and Solutions

    Outlines evolution of cellular IoT in four segments leveraging new capabilities with 4G and 5G to tap growth opportunities from industry digitalization Introduces Broadband IoT and Industrial Automation IoT as new segments in addition to Massive IoT and Critical IoT Launches Massive IoT enhancements and new Broadband IoT solutions on existing LTE n

    01/30/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Ayla Networks Announces LTE IoT Solutions

    Ayla device agent able to support any cellular/LPWAN protocol and a wide range of enterprise applications. Ayla Networks today announced that its device agent software now includes the Qualcomm® LTE IoT software development kit (SDK) from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., designed for use with the Qualcomm® MDM9206 LTE IoT global multimode modem. This

    01/29/2019 | Source: IoT Business News
  • Kerlink Licenses Low-Power IoT Reference Design Solution To Kaertech, a Leading Provider of Connected Objects

    Solution Gives Designers, Software Developers, Architects and Operation Engineers Step-by-Step Directions for Quickly Conceiving & Producing LoRa End-Devices. Kerlink and Kaertech, a global provider of made-to-order connected objects, today announced that Kaertech has licensed Kerlink’s Low Power IoT (LPIoT) Reference Design solution to design and

    01/29/2019 | Source: IoT Business News